Liquid soothe 20ml

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  • Brand: Goochie
  • Sku: Жидкая успокаивающий 20ml.
  • Barcode: Жидкая успокаивающий 20ml

Liquid Soothe 20ml

This allows not only to reduce puffiness after the procedure, but also to improve the quality of make-up, since the pigment less comes out with blood. This circumstance is very important when working on the lips. Experienced masters know what the talk about

Product description

An soothe goochie for tattooing.
Bottle 20ml. + Silicone cap dispenser.
This is a very effective tool that must be applied to the surface of the skin. Exposure time on the damaged skin of the lips and eyebrows 3-4 minutes, on the undamaged skin of the lips 15-20 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to use in the eye area. Can be used for tattooing in intimate or sensitive places.
You can get a wet napkin and put on the prepared skin area. After 20-30 minutes, a white spot appears on the site of application, this indicates that in this area you will be able to work quietly while the client will feel minimal pain.
Bottle goochie anesthetic 20 ml. From the top of the bottle is installed a silicone cap dispenser in the form of a pipette, which allows you to minimize overruns. It is enough to turn over and press the dosing cap, that would drop just one drop, which is enough for a significant area of ​​the skin.

Removes swelling, stops blood
It is used for permanent make-up and tattooing.


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