Lip tattoo course

Lip tattoo course

Lip permanent makeup course

Course program

In our school of permanent make-up and tattooing, an experienced master with medical education will be with you (which is very important)

If you want to receive information about what a tutoring course is, briefly describe the process:

Only in our training center, you pay the course once, and get knowledge in the two times higher than in other training centers! All the procedures of the pupils are practiced on models and specially invited people for them, under the supervision of the teacher. All necessary consumables, apparatus, pigments for practice are provided by the Training Center. Also, you will try different types of tattoo machines and decide which type suits you best.


Duration: 7-10 days

Cost: 413 $.

Attention is not included in the price of medicine for medicine alone 413 $

The program of the course includes: Theoretical part. The theoretical part includes everything from the history of tattooing, styles and skin structure, to the legislation and psychology of the client.

  1. What is permanent make-up (Tattooage).
  2. The psychological aspect of working with clients.
  3. Indications and contraindications to permanent make-up.
  4. Types and methods of anesthesia
  5. Recommendations after the procedure. Care, healing preparations.
  6. Apparatus for work, their characteristics for conducting procedures
  7. Device design, types of devices for permanent make-up, features of consumables
  8. Coloristics, the basic concepts of pigments;
  9. Features of needles for permanent make-up and their use.
  10. Techniques for conducting procedures.
  11. Varieties of pigments for permanent make-up, features of their selection and application.
  12. Selecting a shape and executing a sketch
  13. Skin structure. The choice of technology based on the type of skin

Practice. During the practical part, you can work out different tattooing techniques, not only on artificial skin, but also on models, under the careful supervision of the teacher.

  1. The technique of pigmentation of the lips
  2. Circuit
  3. Feathering
  4. 3D Effect
  5. Contur

Lip tattoo is a procedure that has been popular for many decades, both in our country and abroad. Under the tattoo is understood the penetration of the highly dispersed pigment into the surface layers of the skin, to create a make-up. Permanent makeup is kept on average about 3-5 years (this depends on some factors, for example, on the features of the client's skin). Cosmetic correction of the lips takes place under anesthesia (liquid ampouled anesthetic). This is necessary for a more comfortable (and painless) process for lip tattooing for the client.
Cosmetic lip correction for masters in the Tattoo generation, this is the opportunity to choose the types of permanent make-up that will suit you. At Tattoo generation, the master with medical education, it is possible to produce several variants indicated by lip tattoos. First, you can make a contour stroke of the lips (contour) - this kind of tattoo is designed for those who by nature have beautiful lips and want to simply make the lip contour more distinct. For these purposes, pigments closer to the natural color of the lips are used.
You can also make a contour with a shade, while the contour becomes either clear or shaded (this depends only on the wishes of the client). The outline can be made slightly darker.
Correction of the lips is not only a stroke of the contour. Tattoo generation also offers permanent lip makeup, in which the entire surface of the lips (permanent lipstick or full filling) is filled with pigment.
This technique is good for those who want to completely change their own lip color, while the surface of the lips creates an effect of light shine. More about the lip tattoo is a light kayal. This technique of permanent make-up allows you to make the lips more voluminous, due to the light stroke of the lip, painting the skin under or over the lip.
Thanks to this, the lips will become more voluminous and sexy only through the cosmetic changes in the lips.
This procedure is by far the most in demand. Lips are one of the most important details of our image. With the help of permanent make-up, you can hide the natural and age-related shortcomings of the exterior - asymmetry, a cold shade of lips, disproportionality of the upper and lower lips, a fuzzy outline. There are several ways to perform this procedure.