Full training of permanent make up

permanent make-up courses


in our permanent make-up (tattooage) program. The teaching process is in medical centers and teacher's stuff is licensed doctors (which is emportant). The teaching program will last from 10 days to 2 month, program includes theoretical and practical parts` 

Only in our training center, you pay for the course once, and you gain knowledge twice as much as in other training centers! All students work out procedures on models and specially invited them liyudey, under the supervision of a teacher. All necessary consumables, apparatus, pigments for practice are provided by the Training Center. Also, you will try different types of tattoo machines and decide which type is right for you.

costs: from 413 - 1500 $.

The program of the course includes: Theoretical part. The theoretical part includes everything from the history of permanent make-up, styles and skin structure, to the legislation and psychology of the client.

1. What is permanent make-up (Tattooage).

2. The psychological aspect of working with clients.

3. Dermatology

-Contraindications and allergic reactions.

-Responses and contraindications to permanent make-up.

4. Types and methods of application of anesthesia

5. Recommendations after the procedure. Care, healing preparations.

6. Aseptic, antiseptic.

7. Apparatus for work, their characteristics for conducting procedures

- Device design, types of devices for permanent make-up, features of consumables

8. Colouristics, the basic concepts of pigments;

9. Features of needles for permanent make-up and their use.

10. Techniques for conducting procedures.

11. Varieties of pigments for permanent make-up, features of their selection and application.

12. Selection of the form and execution of the sketch

13. Structure of the skin. The choice of technology based on the type of skin

Practice. During the practical part you can work out different permanent make-up techniques, not only on artificial leather, but also on models, under the careful supervision of the teacher.

14. Technique of the pigmentation of the eyebrows:

- Filling

- Shadow effect

- Hair technology

- Powdering

- Pixeling

15. The technique of the pigmentation of the Century

- Intermittent contour

- Arrows

- Arrows with powdering

16. The technique of pigmentation of the lips

- Contour

- Feathering

- 3D effect

- Powdering

Three key concepts:

With whom do we work? - The person is the object of your activity. Half of the success depends on correct, competent, built-in communication. Knowledge in the field of communication psychology will help you competently build relationships with the client, leave pleasant impressions about yourself, and easily avoid conflict situations.

With what? - Skin is the subject of your activity. Permanent make-up is the application of a permanent pattern on the skin, by local exposure to the cover with the pigment applied to the subcutaneous tissue. Without a clear understanding of the anatomy, structure and individual characteristics of the skin, the master will not be able to lay the correct pigment. It will either be too deep (it will blur, turn blue, turn green ...) or completely on the surface (after healing there will be nothing left). Also an integral part in the process of work is strict adherence to the norms and rules of disinfection and sterilization.


How? - as I already mentioned, permanent make-up is applying a permanent pattern on the skin. We draw new faces. But real professionals write. Having a good taste, a vision of beauty and a creative approach is the key to success and creative prosperity.
I chose the most important, I worked in practice and I offer you a TRAINING COURSE OF THIS PROFESSIONAL.

For the best students, employment is possible.